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27 Feb 2016  |   Philip Eastwood

Why buyers in London’s Clapham are staying put.

As prices soar, the district is no longer just a stepping stone to country life — it’s a place to put down permanent roots.
When the author John Lanchester was writing Capital, his 2012 novel about London’s spiralling property market, he chose to set it in Clapham in 2008. There, house prices were rocketing as quickly as his characters’ lives were unravelling. However, by the time the BBC adapted the novel last year, Clapham was no longer suitable, it seems. The film-makers transposed the drama to still-gentrifying Balham and Tooting. By then, Clapham had arrived.

Read the full article for Philip Eastwood‘s insight on the continuing appeal of Clapham:
Why buyers in London’s Clapham are staying put | Financial Times

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