TBS in The Times – Prepare for the rental revolution

Charlotte Dover of The Buying Solution offers The Times some market intelligence on the rental revolution currently taking place. The lettings market is seeing an increasing demand for properties in all price brackets, ranging from country houses with equestrian facilities to one-bedroom city flats. Generation rent are now being joined by the wealthy and tactical renters who are opting to go down the rental route rather than buy because of factors such as Brexit and higher stamp duty taxes.

Charlotte Dover, explains: “Many of our clients are looking for a property with a similar feel to what they would like to purchase, for example with a good amount of land as part of the rental, or properties with tennis courts and pools. A high quality of finish is also on the wish list as clients are usually coming from their own homes and are looking for a similar feel from their rental.

“Those who don’t have to sell are often still choosing to rent before buying to see what will happen in the market. Those who do need to sell are often doing so and going into a rental to put themselves in a cash buyer position when the right property comes up although in the Cotswolds this is not purely a Brexit linked scenario as the continuing popularity of the area means the best houses to buy go quickly, as do the best properties to rent, often being agreed off market.

“There is the same situation with the best rental properties for example an 8 bedroom property with equestrian facilities in west Oxfordshire which we have recently helped a client secure. This client was also looking for a very long-term rental as they see this as a better option than purchasing a similar style of house in the current market.”

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TBS in City AM – How much would you pay for this view?

Thea Wellband, Senior Buying Consultant at The Buying Solution, talks to City AM about why a property in the capital with an incredible vista will always be an impressive buy and gives her take on the most popular views.

With an unlimited amount of choice from the new and shiny to the age-old landmarks, as well as the capital’s prestigious parks and gardens, the premiums commanded vary from anything up to 20 per cent. However, as Thea Wellband points out why have just one view when you can have numerous. Thea comments: “The London skyline is unique and our clients want to wake up and know they are in London, not another global city. Westminster is increasingly becoming a destination of choice for our buyers. As a location it is surrounded by iconic views: Big Ben, Palace of Westminster, River Thames, Westminster Abbey and many more – why choose one landmark when you can have several?”

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TBS in The London Magazine: Chiltern Street

Philip Eastwood, Head of London at The Buying Solution, speaks to The London Magazine about one of Marylebone’s most iconic streets, Chiltern Street. This small street, which started its life as a humble service road, has now become a hotspot for A-listers thanks to the transformation of the Grade II listed Manchester Square Fire Station which is now home to five-star hotel and restaurant, Chiltern Firehouse.

Philip Eastwood comments: “Chiltern Street is one of the most charming streets in London. The arrival of Chiltern Firehouse certainly helped place it on the map but it also offers a slightly calmer more residential vibe than the nearby Marylebone High Street, with a rich mix of specialist shops such as Cire Trudon candle makers and the stylish Monocle and Nordic cafes. Chiltern Street has a lovely local village feel popular with all nationalities. Average sales in Marylebone have continued to rise 3% this past year, with particular interest in Chiltern Street and surrounds, despite the rest of London falling on average 1.1% according to recent Knight Frank research.

“Our experience has shown the area to be popular with downsizers who perhaps had larger family houses in Hampstead or St Johns Wood now looking to be more central, and usually have other homes abroad, or sometimes a main home in Oxfordshire due to the great train line into Marylebone, so use this as their London pied a Terre. The new developments at Chiltern Place and The Chilterns have proven especially popular with this audience. Lifts are important and the newer buildings and mansion blocks providing these are the most in demand.”

To read the full article click here:  http://www.thelondonmagazine.co.uk/people-places/area-guides/iconic-street-chiltern-street.aspx

TBS in Country Life: How to be a good sport & Back to school

How to be a good sport – The Cotswolds is a mecca for outdoor pursuits and TBS launches its new website tool. Jonathan Bramwell speaks to Country Life

The Cotswolds is far more than just pretty houses and beautiful countryside. This week’s Country Life focuses on the various top class sporting activities that the area is now becoming famous for. The sailing , shooting, walking & cycling, riding, and swimming are all reasons why those who love outdoor sports rather than the gym might consider a move.

Cycling in particular is becoming more and more popular. Jonathan says; “The whole area has fantastic road cycling – the North Cotswold Cycling Club based in Moreton in Marsh is a real hub and the local bike shop Cotswold Cycles is super.”

The topography makes The Cotswolds an ideal location for outdoor adventures and sports.

TBS has also launched a new online schools guide – we’ve gathered information from 2536 schools to help our followers make that all important decision. Have a look at our new online tool here; https://schools.thebuyingsolution.co.uk/

To read more on the article, please click here:  https://www.countrylife.co.uk/out-and-about/sporting-country-pursuits/sporting-life-cotswolds-ultimate-destination-country-pursuits-184970

TBS in School House Magazine – City Living Good

City Living Good – Enterprising Parents Are Enjoying A More Rural Lifestyle In Some Of England’s Most Beautiful Cities – Jonathan Bramwell speaks to School House Magazine

There is a growing trend for young families to look to some of the UK’s most picturesque cities rather than seeking out the truly rural dream. People want convenience, proximity to good schools, access to amenities and transport links and those moving from London especially may not be quite ready for the pure rural idyll.

We’re extremely lucky with what our top towns and cities have to offer – farmer’s markets, independent cafes, parks and activities for the whole family are a few of the reasons people tend to consider moving from London to another town or city. It’s the convenience of the school run which tends to be a priority for our families looking for their next move. With heavier traffic and long school days any journey time over half an hour is usually discounted. If the school is walkable that is a huge bonus and city living often gives our buyers that opportunity. 89% of our searches are fuelled by education and we fully expect that this trend will continue and might perhaps even increase.

To read the article in full pick up a copy of School House Magazine which is in the October issue of Country & Townhouse

TBS in Country Life – The new normal

Traditional has its place but high quality new build apartments are certainly turning heads up and down the country – Jonathan Bramwell talks to Country Life

For those moving from a period property requiring a lot of work and upkeep, the thought of a new build can be hugely appealing. Many developers now are encouraging their purchasers to have a hand in the design and layout to ensure it ticks all of their relevant boxes. “Lots of buyers want to design their own interior space with variations such as a smaller bedroom and a bigger bathroom, or a larger family kitchen – it’s a growing trend” says Jonathan.

It’s not just London that’s a hub for high quality new build activity. Knight Frank are marketing Brandon Yard in Bristol –  a harbourside development which is particularly popular with downsizers, retirees, and second home owners https://www.knightfrank.co.uk/properties/residential/for-sale/brandon-yard-lime-kiln-road-bristol-bs1/btd170004 . Bristol’s regeneration is having an exciting impact on property prices and demand for property which is having a positive knock on effect throughout the South West.

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