TBS in The Times – A house-hunter’s list of of must-haves

Right now we’re in a divided market. City purchasers are negotiating discounts whereas in the country competitive bids are commonplace for best in class homes. Wherever people are looking there are a certain list of must haves.  Interestingly there is less appetite for a ‘do-er upper’ – people generally want a nice straightforward house. Broadband and connectivity are also high on wish lists – Bobby Hall says; ‘Smart homes are a key requirement for many buyers even if they don’t use the majority of gadgets once they move in’.

Bobby continues to say that really it’s flexibility which is a key element … ‘buyers want rooms to be like an accordion – to metaphorically expand and contract with people’s lifestyles’. Large families need more space but they don’t necessarily want huge houses. Bobby says that ‘a recent client, a couple with one child, like to have people to stay over’ – so their key requirement is three or four bedroom house with outhouses or barns for guests so that they can accommodate 10-12 on weekends and don’t have to heat the rest of the space during the week.

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TBS in The Times – How to sell your home by Christmas

It’s only a mere 81 days until Christmas! It takes on average 60 days to sell a property so for those who are looking for a quick move Thea Carroll has some suggestions.

  1. If you do want to move before Christmas make sure you have a rental agreement in place. Thea says; “The worst thing you can do is be ambivalent with buyers. Give the buyer an element of security about how you will move your family out of your home. This could be a good bargaining chip when negotiating on price.”
  2. If your property has gone stale over the summer it might be time to appoint another estate agency. She says; “If an agency has had your property all summer ask to see their viewing numbers and if you are only getting one or two a week appoint another agency and negotiate a lower fee.”
  3. Towards the end of the year a property can get cluttered with decorations. Thea says; “Try to keep the family home neutral and clear of tat.”

To read the full article click here; https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/how-to-sell-your-home-by-christmas-60qmk8wx0

TBS in Horse & Hounds

When embarking on your equestrian property purchasing decision it’s important to consider more than you might realise before making a decision

When buying an equestrian property there is a lot to consider. Before making a final decision Bobby Hall talks to Horse & Hound about how important it is not to underestimate the running costs.

It’s worth arranging a selection of viewings at different times of day and in different weather conditions to ascertain exactly what kind of maintenance might needed. Bobby suggests that the yard is a good place to start – look into the stabling condition, surfacing is also crucial as it may need relaying. Bobby also details that it’s worth asking lots of questions including when the roofs were last repaired and who made the surfaces and gallops and when. It’s worth checking whether there are guarantees still in place. Sometimes there may be a trade-off between a property’s asking price and running costs. For example you may save some money if you buy a house with fewer acres but do consider the rental costs of a paddock nearby. Some people over spec on boxes or a menage they don’t use so it’s worth planning ahead and challenging yourself on the long term view.

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TBS in The Financial Times – The Social Network

The social network; A millennial mindset is redefining premium property in urban hubs inspiring state of the art homes that offer a social, sustainable and connected mix of comfort and awe

 On Friday the Financial Times published its property special in How To Spend It Magazine. Property correspondent Lisa Freedman focused on what it is that today’s millennials want from their home and communities. As the only buying agent to be quoted, both Jonathan Bramwell and Thea Wellband from The Buying Solution gave their views on the London and Country perspectives.

Jonathan Bramwell says; “In the Cotswolds for example the area surrounding Soho Farmhouse is particularly popular. A good country weekend will take in a bit of shopping at Daylesford Organic Farm in Kingham, followed by a sushi lunch and spa treatment then clubbing in the evening at Soho Farmhouse.” Fitbit friendly exercise like cycling is also important to millennials too and the Cotswolds lends itself perfectly to that.

From a London standpoint Thea Wellband says that most millennial buyers neither have the time or inclination for DIY; “Their parents were happy to project manage, they just want it to be immediately inhabitable.”

Overall the conclusion is that millennial buyers are ‘..confident, concerned (about the environment) and in a hurry’!

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