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Qualities all buying agents should have

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21 May 2016  |   Philip Eastwood


Boom or bust, successful buying agencies will always be dependent on great people. Customer loyalty and trust are won by talented, committed, motivated people and the best buying agents are enthusiastic, self-motivated, have the ability to get on with all sorts of people, are empathetic and decisive.

Enthusiasm is infectious and whilst all good agents are calm, especially during negotiations, there is always an underlying enthusiasm for both people and property. Personally I love property; I love how every house is different, and how apartments even in the same building bear no resemblance to each other. I find it completely fascinating. This desire for knowledge drives me to see everything I can and with that comes a catalogue of knowledge of property available and sold, allowing me to advise my clients accordingly.

Clients come from all walks of life and have made or inherited their money in various different ways. Buying agents need to have an intrinsic interest in people to really want to get to know them in order to understand what they want and why they want it. The buying process is often much longer than the selling process and as such the relationship between buying agent and client can often be very close. It is not a servile relationship but more of a trusted advisor role based on honesty, often resulting in friendships at the end of the process.

The best buying agents listen to their clients. They understand what and why their client wants to buy something and quickly learn their likes and dislikes. Empathy is extremely important and differentiates the good from the bad, or merely mediocre.

Being decisive is imperative to being a good buying agent and one must have the courage of that conviction. If a purchase doesn’t feel right or you discover something during your due diligence that is a worry, you have to be able to advise your client and if necessary, advise them to walk away no matter how much they like it. Clients won’t be disheartened and whilst we won’t find the same, we will find different. There is nothing worse than clients feeling like they are being shoehorned into something that doesn’t fit. The trust quickly gets broken and you lose them as your clients. In the end, if you advise them away from a property for good reason, they will thank you for it and trust you even more.

Most importantly a good buying agent must know why the purchase price should be a certain amount when the agent is asking for something different. In nearly every meeting with a prospective client they ask your opinion on the market and if you deliver a ‘wishy washy’ response you might as well not have turned up. Clients know when their buying agent has found them the perfect property as they trust their opinion and a good buying agent is not afraid to tell them to come and see it, no matter where they are in world.

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