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19 May 2016  |   Philip Eastwood

When you are looking for your perfect home, finding the ‘right’ place can be a minefield in the current market. There are so many questions to be answered and so many worries to be conquered. Many of us already contract out aspects of our lives, whether it is for child care, or for tending to our finances, so it begs the question: why not employ someone to find our perfect home and save us the fuss?

Philip Eastwood, Head of London at The Buying Solution, observes “After having developed a solid relationship with our clients and after fully understanding their desires, we will do all the legwork. We find the property that fits not only their taste, but also their lifestyle choices, we’ll deal with the contract negotiations and where our service really kicks in is when the client is most exposed. We will deal with the necessary paperwork, push our client to be the preferred buyer and work 24/7 on securing their dream home. In addition, we will even provide a report on issues that may crop up in the future in their area, including new traffic routes, noise and light pollution or even planned wind turbines, to name a few.”

It is certainly true that a huge draw for using a buying agent, such as The Buying Solution (operating in both London and the country) is that they have access to the renowned “secret market” where the best properties are sold before being offered to the open market. Clients of these buying agents are getting the privilege of effectively, an almighty queue jump.

“In my opinion, the profile of a buying agent has changed with time,” Philip Eastwood goes on to say, “We used to be seen as the preserve of the super-rich but this has changed dramatically in the last 12 years that we have been in operation in the UK. We service a range of clientele, of all nationalities, with largely differing price ranges.”

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