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TBS in City A.M – Why Holland Park is the connoisseur’s choice

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10 Jul 2018  |   Philip Eastwood

Philip Eastwood talks to City AM about Holland Park and why buyers should be forgetting Notting Hill and looking slightly southwards to its greener, more understated sibling for the bigger properties.

Philip Eastwood, Head of London at The Buying Solution, says; “Holland Park has actually shrunk over the years. Due to the popularity of neighbouring Notting Hill, streets that once considered themselves part of Holland Park are now claimed to be in Notting Hill.

“Once a very fashionable place to live, today’s Monopoly board would show that Notting Hill has taken the crown of the most sought after west London residential area, and it is for this reason that the qualities of Holland Park are often missed.  The architecture, most notably of Thomas Allen of Holland Park, is very much the pinnacle of quality Victorian stock. In a world governed by square footage and price per sq. ft., volume is often overlooked and can sometimes be more important than the size of a room. Many of the apartments and houses of Holland Park have volume in abundance. Close proximity to the park is another jewel that is hugely appreciated in an ever congested central London.”

According to City AM, those in the know, often with the help from a specialist agent, are more likely to snap up an exceptional property in the area.

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