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TBS in The Field – Farms for work or just the weekend?

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20 Jun 2018  |   Mark Lawson

Regional farming may not be at the top of Theresa May’s Brexit to do list but Mark Lawson discusses in this month’s Field Magazine how it may impact the industry.

Mark says; “The most valuable regional farms lie in the golden counties of Gloucestershire, Wiltshire, Berkshire, Surrey and Hampshire attracting wealthy lifestyle buyers looking to convert the farm into a country retreat. The value of farms that fall outside of this hot zone -bare, arable fields that are typical of East Anglia or less accessible dairy farms in the West Country will already be less and with the looming changes to the way that subsidies are going to be paid as we leave the Common Agricultural Policy, values could fall significantly further.”

A high percentage of regional farming profit comes from subsidy payments but Mark questions whether these levels are going to be sustainable when competing against other government expenditure such as the NHS and Education.

Larger farms over 1000 acres will, to a degree, be protected from the political confusion but Mark’s belief is that it’s the farms of between 100 and 800 acres which will suffer the most.

To read more about Mark’s views pick up the July edition of The Field Magazine.

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