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TBS in City AM – How much would you pay for this view?

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21 Sep 2018  |   Thea Carroll

Thea Wellband, Senior Buying Consultant at The Buying Solution, talks to City AM about why a property in the capital with an incredible vista will always be an impressive buy and gives her take on the most popular views.

With an unlimited amount of choice from the new and shiny to the age-old landmarks, as well as the capital’s prestigious parks and gardens, the premiums commanded vary from anything up to 20 per cent. However, as Thea Wellband points out why have just one view when you can have numerous. Thea comments: “The London skyline is unique and our clients want to wake up and know they are in London, not another global city. Westminster is increasingly becoming a destination of choice for our buyers. As a location it is surrounded by iconic views: Big Ben, Palace of Westminster, River Thames, Westminster Abbey and many more – why choose one landmark when you can have several?”

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