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TBS in Country Life – The grass is always greener

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30 Mar 2020  |   Harry Gladwin

Our gardens are coming into their own at the moment – with the feeling of spring in the air, now is the time to work on the individuality of our own outdoor spaces. The environmental benefits can’t be underestimated too.

Harry Gladwin Partner at The Buying Solution says “Social media is now such an amplifier for all issues and quite rightly for this Generation Greta, the environment is issue #1. The garden is a great place for people to create a double benefit – doing their bit for the environment and creating a beautiful space which they can enjoy, whilst also adding value to their property asset.  Going green is therefore on trend. Like Daylesford Organic, using fewer chemicals; planting to benefit wildlife and helping to reduce carbon footprint by growing vegetables etc which are organically produced and can be enjoyed at home. Whilst Highgrove is a very cleverly designed and managed garden complex, the principles are applied in lots of gardens across the Cotswolds – a less fussy, more natural look, with few straight lines and an emphasis on working with (not against) the environment you have. The large kitchen / family room is top of the wish list for most people buying in the country and this room will almost always open out to the gardens, creating an extra (outside) room in the warmer months. A seamless and natural transition from inside to out is the look many now go for and as the UK looks set to have hotter summers over the foreseeable future, the English garden looks likely to become a more important space than ever.”

To read the full article pick up this week’s Country Life.

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