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03 Oct 2018  |   Bobby Hall

When embarking on your equestrian property purchasing decision it’s important to consider more than you might realise before making a decision

When buying an equestrian property there is a lot to consider. Before making a final decision Bobby Hall talks to Horse & Hound about how important it is not to underestimate the running costs.

It’s worth arranging a selection of viewings at different times of day and in different weather conditions to ascertain exactly what kind of maintenance might needed. Bobby suggests that the yard is a good place to start – look into the stabling condition, surfacing is also crucial as it may need relaying. Bobby also details that it’s worth asking lots of questions including when the roofs were last repaired and who made the surfaces and gallops and when. It’s worth checking whether there are guarantees still in place. Sometimes there may be a trade-off between a property’s asking price and running costs. For example you may save some money if you buy a house with fewer acres but do consider the rental costs of a paddock nearby. Some people over spec on boxes or a menage they don’t use so it’s worth planning ahead and challenging yourself on the long term view.

To read the full article pick up the most recent version of Horse & Hound.

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