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TBS in Prime Resi’s Top 50 Buying Agents Round-Up

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Knight Frank
London and Country specialist property buying agents
28 Jan 2019  |   Jonathan Bramwell

TBS in second place on Prime Resi’s list of the 50 most influential, successful & connected prime residential property acquisition specialists in Britain, 2019

Founded in 2004, Knight Frank’s independent acquisition arm has maintained a dominant presence in the UK buying agency sector. Run by the seasoned line-up of Philip Eastwood, Jonathan Bramwell and Mark Lawson, clients know they are in safe hands and in pole position for when that dream property comes up.

Locations covered stretch across London, the Home and Southern Counties, to the Cotswolds and West Country, as well as farm and estate deals across the UK.  Despite brisk market head- winds, October of last year proved to be one of the most active months in the firm’s history, with ten deals secured on property worth a combined £78m. Three of the sales were in excess of £10m, and a further two over £5m, while 70% were described as “truly” off-market opportunities, demonstrating the real value of a top-notch search agency.

TBS Head Jonathan Bramwell, described by clients as “a walking encyclopedia”, sums up what’s been happening on the ground over the last 12 months: “Market conditions remain challenging but when the right properties become available, clients are willing to go for it. There remains a shortage of supply when it comes to ‘best in class’ property, both in London and the Country. The Cotswolds has been one of the most active markets for us this year in general, with the area around Daylesford and Soho Farmhouse proving especially popular. The main difference when you compare this market to the previous year is the time it takes to close on deals for clients. In the past it might have been days and weeks and now it is weeks or months. In the past the urgency may have resulted in buyers taking views on minor issues – now clients understandably are more selective and want solutions to problems before committing. This is exactly where our role becomes important. Savvy buyers do want expert advice and guidance through this more difficult climate. The uncertainty has created an opportunity for the truly professional buying agencies; it’s also important to say it’s not just about finding but making sure we do the right deal for them.”

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