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TBS in the Evening Standard – London leavers are looking for houses that are sleek, clean and green

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18 Mar 2020  |   Mark Lawson

Mark Lawson, Partner at The Buying Solution, talks about the increased demand for modern homes and is an enthusiastic advocate of modern architecture. “Everything works, the roof doesn’t leak, they are sustainable, better for the environment and cheaper to run. Modern families love to have a huge kitchen room to live in — a modern house gives them that.” Richard Hawkes, director of Hawkes Architecture, specialises in new homes in Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty — the most protected landscapes in the country.  Hawkes’s houses reflect modern lifestyles and technology.

This means open or broken-plan spaces rather than small cellular rooms, high-grade insulation and a design that maximises natural light.

Mark Lawson feels modern architecture is particularly suitable for the commuter belt saying: “People who have lived in a contemporary home in London want a contemporary home in the country.”

He also believes modern homes require a stunning setting to take advantage of amazing views. “Generally speaking, buyers who want a contemporary house want to build it themselves,” he says.

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