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TBS in the Financial Times – Great escapes: spectacular, secluded and for sale

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19 Oct 2020  |   Mark Lawson

Having recently purchased two notable estates for his clients, 5000 aces in Northumberland and 2000 acres in North Norfolk overlooking the coast and with 20 cottages, Mark Lawson was well placed to speak to the Financial Times about getting off the grid and moving to more rural pastures.

Lockdown forced many to reassess and city life has undoubtedly become less appealing for many. Mark says; “It’s inevitable that people will move further from cities. More than anything, they have realised that working from home is really efficient. This does, of course, depend on strong broadband access, but if they have that, they are willing to exchange a short commute to work for a bigger house, more land and greater privacy. Mark is currently working with clients who are exchanging urban convenience for country charm. “They originally wanted a property no more than an hour and a half from London,” he says. “Now they are looking at properties that are two to two and a half hours from the city, widening the net to counties that they would not have considered before.” Mark suggests that most buyers want a home that feels remote but is within striking distance of a pretty village with a good pub or a scenic spot on the coast – and it’s in these locations that properties are more likely to offer space as well as unique character.

This is not just a trend in the UK – it’s happening all over the globe. To read the full article in the FT How To Spend It Property Special click here;

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