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TBS in The Sunday Times – How to choose a front door

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Knight Frank
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25 Feb 2019  |   Thea Carroll

A front door creates the first impression. Choosing a style that suits a home and reflects the owner’s personality can be a delicate balance. Wood, uPVC or Fibreglass are the three main materials and each suit varying different styles of properties. Wood for example traditionally complements Victorian homes whereas uPVC or Fibreglass work with more modern styles. According to Cheshire based Spitfire Doors aluminium can perhaps work best in a modern setting.  A simple paint job can do wonders for a front door, it’s a great way to make it stand out from the crowd especially if you’re trying to sell it. Violet, primrose yellow, cobalt and flamingo pink have been dubbed the ‘on trend’ shades this year. If you’re looking for a traditional shade Farrow & Ball Lichen or Dix Blue can both be impactful.

Thea gives her thoughts on how a knocker can help lift the look of a front door. “It was the 1800s when switching up your door knockers became fashionable. The more traditional cast iron made way for bronze or brass cast, something that’s carried on through to today. They can be statement pieces, but be wary to err on the side of caution, so that sophisticated and/or whimsical doesn’t make way for gauche and/or kitsch. While it used to be that lions were seen as a sign of patronage, strength and wealth, nowadays the styles and animals aren’t quite so prescriptive in the story they tell. While you can buy everything from dragonflies to doughnuts, it’s best when considering the resale of your home to choose something that is in keeping and widely palatable. It’s worth a nod to the history or local features of your area, like a fish door knocker if you’re near the river perhaps, or a squirrel if you’re near a park. There is certainly something to be said for the classic shape and a good quality metal and finish will always stand you in good stead for years to come.”

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