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TBS in The Sunday Times – The battle to save the Cotswolds

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16 Nov 2020  |   Jonathan Bramwell

The exodus from London to the Cotswolds has sped up even further post pandemic. Houses are selling within weeks and according to Jonathan Bramwell, Head of The Buying Solution and Country Team, prices in the ‘A villages’ of Kingham and Churchill have risen by 20-30% post lockdown.

Jonathan adds that the market has become extremely polarised. The reality is that each village needs more houses but most village will fight any form of development. In premium villages there are about ten houses built every ten years however with average prices of £1million or more they are pricing out the locals.

The government are preparing to update its planning algorithm – more people means more housing. The data says that Stroud, for example, will need 12,000 more homes in the next 15 years. Jonathan highlights that, to date, villages have been protected however there are major developments in towns like Cirencester and the locals aren’t best pleased.

To counter act the threat of housing in more rural areas, many are trying to buy the land next door to them to preserve their view.

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