TBS in The Sunday Times – The great brexit bargain hunt

The Sunday Times reports how both buyers and sellers are hoping to make an uncertain market work for them. Estate agents across the country say viewings are up compared with the start of last year — in the Savills offices in rural Surrey and east Hampshire, requests to see £2m-plus homes increased by 61% in January compared with 2018. In places such as the Midlands and parts of Scotland and Wales, the markets are (relatively) flying, especially at the lower end.

In regions that are otherwise stagnant, however, the jump in buyers is down to opportunism. Some are sick of waiting and want to move on with their lives; others are taking advantage of jittery sellers by adopting a scattergun approach, viewing large numbers of properties and making multiple lowball offers. Many are sent packing, but some are enjoying success with vendors who need to move and want to get a deal sealed before the UK’s scheduled exit from the EU on March 29 — whatever happens that day.

When negotiating a pre-Brexit bargain in London, Senior Buying Consultant, Thea Carroll advises that ‘diplomacy is key’, saying: “Be wary of sounding too clinical. No one wants to think their prized asset is being acquired like a used car sold for parts.”

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