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14 Jan 2019  |   Thea Carroll

The Sunday Times ‘Home Front’ explores ways to beat the January blues suggesting ‘the reverse commute’. Instead of living in a suburb or town and travelling into the big city in which you work, sweating it out on the train or queuing in a traffic jam day in, day out, you do the opposite. You live in the city, with its bright lights, culture and 24/7 amenities, and work outside, with any luck getting a seat or an easy drive to the office. Thea Carroll, senior buying consultant at the Buying Solution, says the reverse commute is a hot topic for clients — especially as house prices in many cities have dipped. “One client relocating from Europe will work in Woking, but is looking for a home in southwest London so he can do an easy reverse commute from Clapham Junction,” she says. “His children will be going to top secondary schools in the capital and his wife would prefer the London buzz on her doorstep, with a ready-made social scene, rather than having to travel in every day.”

Stats show that by 2016, about 305,000 people were living in London and travelling to work outside the capital.

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