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TBS in The Telegraph – Air conditioning could become ‘new normal’ as Brits endure unseasonably hot nights

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14 Aug 2020  |   Philip Eastwood

Air conditioning could become the new normal in the UK after Britons were forced to sleep through a week of unseasonably hot nights.

Firms responsible for fitting homes with air conditioning units reported seeing surging demand in recent days, while estate agents said prospective buyers now considered the once luxury item to be a necessity.

One company said it had received almost 2,000 emails during one morning alone this week, while another registered a 400 per cent increase in enquiries, the bulk of them from homeowners.

Meanwhile John Lewis said sales of fans had increased by 161 per cent compared to the same week last year.

Estate agents and property experts said that air conditioning units are becoming increasingly important to buyers, particularly those looking for high-end properties, with some even suggesting it could make homes more valuable.

Philip Eastwood, a Partner at The Buying Solution, claimed that a “high-quality, concealed aircon system” could add five per cent to the value of a home.

He added: “Air con and ‘comfort cooling‘ systems have been increasingly popular in London and the Home Counties for some time now and pretty much come as standard in all prime new build developments.

“The key difference now is that we are also seeing air con being fitted in second hand properties and country houses indicating that providing air con could become the ‘new normal’ in the UK.”

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