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TBS in The Telegraph – From private Peloton studios to snow cabins, how at-home spas are upping their game in the world’s most opulent homes

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30 Nov 2019  |   Jonathan Bramwell

The wellness revolution is firmly taking hold in people’s homes, especially at the very top end. From salt caves, cryo chambers (which cost around £250,000), vitamin D chambers, snow cabins and air purification systems areas that may well have been dedicated to a standard gym or reserved as a spare bedroom, are being transformed with health and wellness at the core.

There’s a house in San Francisco where the air in the house is completely changed 12 times a day, shielded cables and night-time wi-fi cut-off minimise exposure to electro-magnetic frequencies, and there’s a whole-house water filtration and purification system, materials to dampen sound and the largest rainwater harvesting tank in San Francisco.

Cycling and spinning (with the arrival of Pelton) at home has become a major trend. Jonathan Bramwell says that in country houses, barns are no longer being turned into showcases for classic car collections; they are more likely to house spinning kit. “A client of mine who has bought a £5million Cotswolds house has built a special garage for his £50,000-worth of bikes, including a workshop and spinning area for his triathlon training. Extreme health is fast infiltrating how families live and how they dedicate their living and auxiliary spaces.” Those who purchase at Floral Court in London will be right next door to the first Peloton spin studio.

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