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TBS in The Telegraph – Home office has become make or break feature of a house sale

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15 Jul 2020  |   Mark Lawson

From the bookish clutter of Robert Peston’s North London eyrie, to Prince Charles’s reassuringly chaotic desk at Clarence House, lockdown has afforded us a strangely intimate insight into the working-from-home ways of many household names. 

But with 77% of us having no intention of returning to an office when this madness is all over, according to Workplace Insight, it’s a sight we will all become far more used to. The old-fashioned study is taking on a new prominence in our homes – and whether a house already comes equipped with an office, or there’s the space to create one, a home workspace is becoming a make or break feature for buyers. 

It’s the hottest topic among buyers, sellers, developers and house builders. The majority of buyers expect a workspace of some kind, and for many couples now, one home office is no longer enough; they want his and hers. These are people with high-powered jobs and young children. Working off the kitchen table won’t cut it, particularly with the onset of video conferencing.

Mark Lawson, Partner at The Buying Solution, explains it is no longer relegated to the worst room in the house – the one that’s too small to become a value-adding extra bedroom – he says a good quality home office can add 5-15% to a property’s value, “especially if it’s separate from the main house, or at least separate from the main family areas”.

Buyers also have in mind the substantial savings that comes with cutting out the daily commute and cost of central London office space – which means spare cash to create a home office that stimulates the senses.

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