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TBS in The Telegraph – How the pandemic accelerated the rise of the million pound first-time buyer

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29 Jan 2021  |   Jemma Scott

Jemma Scott, Partner at The Buying Solution, says; We are seeing the young FTB particularly in the London tech industry being as creative  with their homebuying as with their business  – those that are lucky enough to make use of the ‘bank of Mum and Dad’ are equally as likely to seek financing as those going it alone and with interest rates at an historic low the biggest challenge at present is getting financing through ahead of the end of the SDLT holiday.

Those making the big move out of London from rented to home owning in the country are able to be (and want to be) more fluid in their search as they are not yet governed by school catchment area so are finding interesting projects to add value to make the most of this ‘grown up move’. Whilst usually our clients would have cut their property teeth renovating a Victorian London Terrace (and are either scarred by the experience or bitten by the bug…) these young first time homeowners are keen to roll up their sleeves and give it a go often ‘camping’ on site steaming off layers old wallpaper and sanding originals floor between zoom calls without the pressures of home schooling and virtual play dates!

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