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TBS in The Telegraph – How to sell your home quickly at the highest price possible during lockdown

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18 May 2020  |   Mark Lawson

It’s been less than a week since the government unexpectedly announced that property viewings could restart – albeit with some restrictions in place. Now that many viewings start with a ‘drive by’ and potential purchasers are ‘circling’ around like bees to a honeypot, kerb appeal is now more important than ever.

Whilst keeping the house squeaky clean and ensuring the garden is looking tip top, external home offices are now more important than ever. The Telegraph asked Mark Lawson what the rules are…

If you have an outbuilding such as a barn or wood shed, and your house isn’t listed, do you need Planning Permission to convert to a home office? Or is it allowed in Permitted Development?

In essence you do NOT need Planning permission so long as the use is “incidental” to the use of the main house. So if it is just a private study or office for your sole use incidental to you living in the main house, no. The advice is likely to be different if you employ people to work in that office. It is also important that there remains some reliance on the main house ie, the building does not become completely self sufficient. It should not therefore have a kitchen and bathroom.

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