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TBS in The Telegraph – Why lockdown has turned outdoor swimming pools from costly extravagance to prime property essential

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05 Jun 2020  |   Harry Gladwin

The lockdown, heatwave and limits on foreign travel have fuelled demand for outdoor swimming pools in the UK’s top end homes. Contractors are reportedly rushed off their feet and have started to create waiting lists. Each project can take up to four months and if the pool is to be built in an area of outstanding natural beauty it may well need planning permission.

A trend that is particularly prevalent this summer is the ‘natural pool’.

Harry Gladwin, Partner at The Buying Solution says; “Frenzied purchasers looking for their country escape during lockdown, particularly at the top end at around £5million plus, are looking for homes with natural swimming pools – chlorine and chemicals are now less appealing and with fitness and triathlons becoming more of a trend, saltwater and natural pools are making a come back. If there isn’t an existing pool structure in place there is certainly increased appetite to create one. With summers getting hotter and with less opportunity to travel abroad, those with children and grandchildren are putting pools (often with elaborate and beautifully designed summer houses for changing) high up at the top of their wish lists. Natural pools can cost in excess of £100,000 to get them right. It’s a complex process to ensure the water is purified, filtered and the correct vegetation is planted to create the perfect ‘ecosystem’.”

One such company that can create a showstopping natural pool is Bristol based Clear Water Revival.

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