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TBS in The Times – A house-hunter’s list of of must-haves

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Knight Frank
London and Country specialist property buying agents
12 Oct 2018  |   Bobby Hall

Right now we’re in a divided market. City purchasers are negotiating discounts whereas in the country competitive bids are commonplace for best in class homes. Wherever people are looking there are a certain list of must haves.  Interestingly there is less appetite for a ‘do-er upper’ – people generally want a nice straightforward house. Broadband and connectivity are also high on wish lists – Bobby Hall says; ‘Smart homes are a key requirement for many buyers even if they don’t use the majority of gadgets once they move in’.

Bobby continues to say that really it’s flexibility which is a key element … ‘buyers want rooms to be like an accordion – to metaphorically expand and contract with people’s lifestyles’. Large families need more space but they don’t necessarily want huge houses. Bobby says that ‘a recent client, a couple with one child, like to have people to stay over’ – so their key requirement is three or four bedroom house with outhouses or barns for guests so that they can accommodate 10-12 on weekends and don’t have to heat the rest of the space during the week.

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