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TBS in The Times – Make the move to one of Britain’s most expensive villages

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05 May 2020  |   Jonathan Bramwell

The race for Rural Bliss is on, but be prepared you may have to pay premium prices reports The Times.

With many of us spending our days buttoned up in suburbia, with small gardens and limited access to local parks, it is no surprise that we are craving somewhere more bucolic — with 40 per cent of prospective buyers saying that they are more likely to consider a home in the countryside as a consequence of Covid-19.

There has been a spike in country searches since lockdown. This was further backed up by a survey conducted by Savills between April 21 and 27. It found that 39 per cent of 663 prospective buyers and sellers said they were more likely to consider a move to a village. Almost a fifth (17 per cent) said they were “significantly more attracted” to a countryside location, with 24 per cent “somewhat attracted”, meaning 41 per cent are now more likely to look at property in the country than before lockdown.

Jonathan Bramwell, Head of The Buying Solution, believes that off-market opportunities are likely to increase, with vendors only being tempted into a sale at a price that is attractive to them until the market stabilises, unless they are forced to sell because of economic shifts.

“One of the points that remains unknown is what properties are and will actually be worth when we come out of this — is market value going to be higher or lower? We are blind at the moment and can only make assumptions based on conversations happening and the uptick in sign-ups for country searches,” he says. “The country is certainly looking much more attractive than city living at present, but will that last?” 

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