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TBS in The Times – The top places for vegetarians to live in the UK

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27 Jan 2020  |   Harry Gladwin

Jeremy Clarkson is famous for many things but being a vegetarian isn’t one of them! However, according to a survey by Experian, his home town of Chipping Norton is one of the most vegetarian friendly places in the UK. Cranleigh tops the list with Chipping Norton coming in at number 10.

According to analysis by Savills house prices in all of the top ten veggie locations are higher than the surrounding regions. This does not suggest that being a vegetarian has anything to do with your house price, rather that those who live a veggie lifestyle are choosing to live in and can afford to move to relatively expensive locations.

Chipping Norton is one of the most ‘lifestyle conscious’ pockets of the UK. Harry Gladwin, Partner at The Buying Solution, says; “People move to the Cotswolds for all the reasons they always have, but there is clear evidence that health choices are now a genuine reason for people moving to this region. There was a time when seeing someone walking around the Cotswolds in a dressing gown meant they had probably escaped from somewhere secure, but there are now so many wellness weekend retreats available here – Calcot Manor, Dormy House, Soho Farmhouse etc – that hearing someone is off for an alba truffle and black watermelon infusion after a heavy red and black pepper lipolysis session is unlikely to raise an eyebrow in much of the region.

Agriculture has always formed the backbone of the Cotswolds and with an ever increasing population of affluent health and environmentally conscious people, issues such as wellness and the ability to source fresh, good quality, wholesome, healthy, local food for their families is a real factor for many and a tick in the box if your property happens to be near one of the many great restaurants, farmers’ markets and shops which do this in the area. ‘Low food miles’ is a major marketing point for most of the local farm shops and almost all local eateries offer a good range of vegan options.

Clearly Daylesford Organic is a mecca in this part of the North Cotswolds. When engaging a buying agent, the first questions people used to ask were about train stations and schools. Without question, conversations now revolve around how close a property is to Daylesford and Soho Farmhouse and much of that is down to the outstanding quality of the food and produce on offer there and in the surrounding area. Earlier this week I spoke to a client who is investing in the UK from LA, taking advantage of the strong dollar and her brief was very clearly that any property would need to be within easy reach of Daylesfordshire!

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