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TBS in The Telegraph – How to invest in the best new-build property that will hold its value

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20 Jun 2019  |   Thea Carroll

Buying a new-build flat means you get lots of perks, such as shiny amenities, and the chance to have a hand in the ­design process if you buy off-plan. But in large developments, where a number of flats might come to the market at once, it can be difficult to tell the difference between one new apartment and another.

Thea Carroll of The Buying Solution, says: “You have to be really careful when buying somewhere where there is [what feels like] infinite supply. You may want to consider smaller, ­boutique developments that offer something more unusual, like a conversion of an old building. Also look at the phasing. Does it have a direct view to the garden or the river, or will you end up looking into someone else’s living room? Especially in large schemes where construction is ongoing, you need to consider whether a view that you ­enjoyed when you bought a property might be obscured by buildings which come later.”

Meanwhile Rory Cramer, founder of new build rating site for which Thea Carroll is a pro-reviewer, adds that you should consider whether the developer has a good track record and says: “Outdoor space, especially in a city centre, is a clear winner but you need to make sure that space is actually usable. Does it get sunlight? Is it sheltered?”

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