Do I really need you?


Will Watson


Will Watson

The value of a service you can trust in an ever-changing marketplace

The perfect opportunity to buy can be something of a myth at the best of times. When you consider the major socio-political events in the UK during the past month, it seems as though the backdrop to buying a property continues to become increasingly turbulent as opposed to showing any signs of settling down.

With the Chancellor unveiling his new Growth Plan as part of the mini-budget last week, we’ve seen the start of big changes to the UK’s economy, including the largest package of tax cuts in generations. We’re also seeing the pound fluctuate against the US dollar, therefore many of our international clients are now understandably viewing prime properties in London or key country hotspots as an appealing place to invest. We expect to see many more top-end UK homes snapped up by overseas buyers over the coming months.  

As ever, when there is uncertainty in the market, particularly in the wake of a new Prime Minister and with inflation rates continuing to rise, for those looking to invest their wealth property is often seen as a safe haven. We’re seeing an increasingly polarised market emerge, with growing disparity between the top and bottom ends both in London and the Country. With this in mind, buying the right property has arguably never been more important, and it’s particularly pertinent to enter into such financial investments with your eyes wide open to all possibilities.

During conversations with clients, we are often asked ‘do I really need you?’, in reality the answer is no. We are not essential to someone’s property purchase; anyone can walk into an estate agent and buy a property. We understand that we are a luxury, but is it a luxury in which you really cannot afford to indulge?

One fact about an uncertain market will always remain true: it’s crucial to get the right advice. Access to off market opportunities are perhaps one of our greatest strengths, having access to the right address book and properties cannot be underestimated. What is often overlooked is the certainty you really are buying a good investment that will be easier to sell in any market condition. When the market is particularly buoyant, stable and most importantly moving in a steady upward trajectory, mistakes are fairly easy to rectify – for instance, any financial over payment will be absorbed by capital growth. However, when there is uncertainty, you want to own a property which is easily marketable in a depressed market. We are here to ensure you do that.

As your trusted buying adviser, we are here to protect you from buying badly. This involves proper due-diligence on the property and area, experience and expertise from a team who have worked through upturns and downturns in the market, with the knowledge of the right areas to invest and an ethos to secure the best deal for the client.

We work closely with buyers and take a great deal of care to listen and understand their immediate and long term needs. We can identify the best area and help to negotiate the best price when the perfect property has been found. We consider everything from currency fluctuation to future political policies, and have the ability to position our clients as the best buyers with a justifiable price, that could potentially save you – our client – thousands, if not millions of pounds.  

I can’t imagine buying a house in London without the help of TBS. I wish there was a TBS for everything tough in life. And because this business is made of people. They are absolutely outstanding

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