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The buying agents with the winning edge

The Buying Solution is a specialist property buying agency with over 175 years of collective experience. We source exceptional properties in the most sought-after areas of London, the Home Counties and the English countryside, of which over 60% of our acquisitions are off-market.

Not only are we the best at making sure you’re first through the door. We’re the best at making sure you’re the last.

We grant our clients access to the best properties before anyone else. Over 90% of our first viewings are off-market, but what really sets us apart are the extra touches. We provide our clients with winning insights that gain them the competitive advantage so they purchase the right property for their needs.

Our Team

With a larger team than most buying consultancies, we’re able to really specialise in the areas we cover and offer expert advice to our clients thanks to our local market knowledge.

The Buying Solution Head

Farms & Estates

Mark Lawson MRICS

Partner, High Value Residential & Rural Estates


North Home Counties

Southern Home Counties

Southern Counties


Georgina Neil

Buying Agent & Completion Manager


Why Us?

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Integrity is non-negotiable

Without integrity, we don’t have a business. Our clients rely on us for completely impartial advice and they demand discretion. We’ve been around long enough to know that acting in a client’s best interests creates relationships that span decades.

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We listen. Really listen.

We’re not here to sell and we don’t shy away from providing advice that clients might not want to hear. Financially, it makes no difference to us whether it takes you one month or twelve to find the perfect home. We’re here to listen to our clients and help them secure ‘the one’. Not waste their time with maybes.

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Ingenuity opens every door

No search or acquisition is without its challenges. It’s creative thinking that’s the key to unlocking many problems. It’s what allows us to put together smarter bids, get us to the top of the preferred list, or show clients the potential of a property and how it can evolve to give them the lifestyle they’re looking for.



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