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TBS in the New York Times – For Sale: Elegant Country Homes, Downton Abbey-Adjacent

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07 Oct 2019  |   Mark Lawson

Highclere Castle, the fictional home of the Crawley family in Downton Abbey, has been drawing the crowds since the TV drama launched in 2010. The recent movie has thrown it back into the spotlight and the demand for nearby property seems to be as strong as ever.

Mark Lawson, Partner at The Buying Solution, spent some time with New York Times journalist Peter Wilson at Highclere to give him the lowdown on the local market.

Mark Lawson says; “There are now a lot of privately owned period properties on the edge of estates like Highclere or in the surrounding villages that get a lot of advantages from being so close. A lot of stately homes were obviously built in beautiful areas to begin with, and many of those areas are now quite special, because they have been protected over the centuries because of their historical significance. We don’t have clients saying ‘I want to buy a house near Downton Abbey!’ but we do notice that a lot of people are more aware of these properties because of the show. At the moment, I have American and Indian clients who I know are certainly aware of Highclere because of ‘Downton Abbey’.”

Research by the Halifax bank during the final season of “Downton Abbey” in 2015 found that the “halo effect” generated by interest in the drama was broad; over the preceding decade, the prices of properties around other stately homes had risen 39 percent, or nearly twice the national average of 22 percent.

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Highclere Castle
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