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TBS in The Sunday Times – Buy a smallholding in the UK and live the good life

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02 Aug 2020  |   Harry Gladwin

Harry Gladwin talks to The Sunday Times about the flurry of interest from buyers looking to purchase a small holding in the UK and live the ‘good life.’

Agents have reported smaller plots of land are “gold dust” as urbanites look to gain space and avoid the masses.

Driven by a desire to gain space and avoid the masses in Sainsbury’s by cultivating a degree of self-sufficiency, urbanites are queuing up to buy smallholdings — places with less than 50 acres to cultivate and rear animals on.

“I think post-lockdown people are re-evaluating their lives.” Harry Gladwin, a Partner at The Buying Solution, a buying agency, in the Cotswolds, agrees. “Everything is amplified at the moment with so many people looking to move out of cities. There is more competition for any smallholdings that come to the open market. People are more aware of wanting to be self-sufficient and not being totally reliant on supermarkets.”

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