TBS in The Sunday Times – Design experts share their tips on creating a serene sanctuary from the seasonal hustle and bustle

Jonathan Bramwell talks to The Sunday Times ‘Home Living’ about how to create a serene sanctuary from the seasonal hustle and bustle.

He advises thinking about lay-out. An open-plan home may be a boon when you’re entertaining in summer, or if you need to keep an eye on small children, but at other times it can be a pain — draughty, difficult to heat, and with no privacy or noise insulation. “Open-plan means most occasions in one’s home tend to centre on the living/kitchen area. Often, there are no escape routes for energetic toddlers, grumpy teenagers or grandparents who need a snooze — and this can get tiring, especially at Christmas, when the extended family gather.”

Bookcases and screens are popular ways to create partitions. And, if you have hordes of relatives descending, consider putting up temporary soundproof curtains between rooms. “These could absorb the sound of grandad’s snoring or the kids’ squabbling,” says Nicholas Stockley, head of design and planning at the online architectural practice resi.co.uk.

A longer-term solution for owners with boomerang kids is a “broken-plan” layout, which has the light and versatility of open-plan living, but creates smaller pockets of space. One great option is internal glazing – an internal wall made from steel-framed glass looks stunning, allowing plenty of light through, but reducing noise and keeping heat in.

Sliding pocket doors are also a good choice. With the mechanism hidden within a wall, they have minimal impact on a space, but offer lots of flexibility.

Read the full article for more tips from designers and suppliers: https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/design-experts-share-their-tips-on-creating-a-serene-sanctuary-from-the-seasonal-hustle-and-bustle-bqvhjgj99