TBS in Prime Resi – The Buying Solution recruits Savills veteran in north London

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TBS in The Times – Suite Dreams

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TBS in The Spectator – Why Wiltshire trumps the Cotswolds in the race for rural homes

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TBS in The Times – Commuter belt crush: why everyone wants to buy in the suburbs

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TBS in The Times – Rich pickings in Londonshire as Cotswolds leads property boom

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TBS in The Telegraph – Superyachts, police escorts and private beaches: How the mega-rich do Covid-secure Christmas

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TBS in The Telegraph – What the super rich want from a new home – and it’s not a penthouse view

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TBS in The Financial Times – Richmond-upon-Thames, London’s happy place — with a high price of entry

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TBS in The Telegraph – How to prepare for your first winter in the countryside

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TBS in Prime Resi – ‘We need to adopt a radical mindset, and fast’: Four thoughts on COP26 from the prime resi industry

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